ParSys Technologies Inc. provides consulting and advisory services within technology and business to the clients.

Technology is one of the largest expenditures for majority of organizations these days. It is a critical component of today’s business infrastructure and at the core of many customer service, productivity, value delivery, risk management and cost reduction initiatives.

Technology spending is the area which always been questioned. Over %20 of overall technology spending is wasted or used unwisely. Management is unsure what to do because of the lack of relevant information needed to evaluate technology decisions, or to measure technology spending and performance.

At ParSys Technologies we can help you to overcome such situations by providing the following services:


  • Provide Cybersecurity Service expertise.
  • Security Assessment.
  • Security Strategy.
  • GRC Strategy and Assessment.
  • Awareness Program.
  • Vulnerability and Incident Management Program.


  • Provide Technology and IT Service expertise.
  • Technology & IT Service Assessment.
  • Help clients in step by step Technology evaluation.
  • Advisory and Consultation in Technology
  • Provide advisory and consultation in ITIL and best practices
  • Help client to identify and create Service Level Agreements (SLA).


  • Work closely with clients to identify and document IT Roadmap and Strategy.
  • IT Assessment can include evaluations and recommendations of some or all of the followings:
  • Current IT technology and services
  • IT Technology Roadmap (technology gaps and needs)
  • Organization gaps and needs
  • Applications assessment and portfolio
  • IT Management and controls
  • Compliance scorecard and gaps
  • Operating performance and KPI


Aligning business strategies with information technology investments in an ever changing business environment poses a significant challenge to senior business and IT leaders. While the needs of a start-up may differ from those of a mature operating company, ParSys is able to assist you with developing a strategic IT roadmap that will align your business plan objectives and also develop measurement criteria and mechanisms to track performance. Our senior consultant starts by reviewing your corporate business plan and objectives. A high level gap analysis is performed to ascertain if the existing IT plan & resources are well positioned to meet these new business objectives. Once the high level analysis of the business goals and objectives and their alignment with the IT plan is complete, our experts are able to develop a work plan that will deliver a comprehensive IT strategy & road map addressing people, process and technology. We use industry standards and best practices methodologies to develop the strategic IT plan. These methodologies provide an opportunity for our customers to participate in the IT strategy development and also to provide feedback. Our consultants have many years of broad industry experience and bring dozens of years of practical experience combining a strategic IT approach with commonsense. This ensures that our customers receive the benefit of an IT strategy that is flexible and allows for maximum tactical effectiveness and competitive advantage when the new IT strategy is translated into implementation. ParSys has a track record of developing and implementing specific IT initiatives for both new and existing business enterprises. Our IT experts can assist senior management to develop and implement specific IT initiatives that aim to cut operational costs, improve business performance and gain competitive advantage. Additionally, we are also able to assist in the implementation/tailoring and monitoring of your strategic IT plan. Our process to develop IT strategy/alignment includes the following:

  • Understand the business plan objectives and goals and where these may have changed from the prior planning cycle
  • Understand and address the governance, financial constraints and management decision processes
  • Review the current IT strategy if one is available and enterprise architecture
  • Identify current infrastructure boundaries and opportunities
  • Identify high level business process changes if any and define the application change strategy
  • Define the operations strategy
  • Define the sourcing/people strategy
  • Define performance measurement criteria and mechanisms
  • Document the strategy

The above is a broad series of steps and has considerable detail and activity behind each step. ParSys IT experts are able to tailor our IT strategy approach to your specific needs. Our insightful knowledge of organizations and operations; coupled with best practices, disciplined approach, and proven methods can assist you in developing a comprehensive IT strategy that will help you achieve your corporate business objectives.


  • EA Framework, TOGAF & Zachman experties.
  • Help clients to create and build architectural vision.
  • Define and tailor EA framework based on client’s need and organizational structure.
  • Assist,advise and create architectural principals, standards.


  • Provide Cobit framework related expertise and consultancy.
  • Help Business and executive to identify the value of technology and investments in technology through the ValIT framework.
  • Help clients to identify and IT related risk assessment through the use of RiskIT framework.
  • Help clients to define the organization wide processes and procedures.